Thursday, September 1, 2011

How the time flies ...

Entry Log #3
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Man. Didn't mean to let so much time go between logs. It's been 3 months since I've been on-station. But I've been EXTREMELY busy. Work assignments are brutal. Just running the normal day to day administrative duties of this place is borderline torture. Add in the double duty they sometimes require of you and days just start to blur by. All in all it's been a very positive experience.

My latent Psionic testing seems to be going well. At least that's what the scientists tell me. I can't tell a damn difference. But my brain scans and blood work are showing excellent progress they say. I'll take their word for it.

I've met a TON of hot women. Being one of the best looking guys on the station doesn't hurt let me tell you. Well ... in that respect anyway. In others it might very well hurt. Seems one of the woman I had, ahem, private relations with, was seeing a fellow down in security. Well ... seems they aren't seeing one another any more and looks to be he's blaming me. Better skip the security wing for a while. I've heard there is a pretty hot young thing over in Bio-weapons. A Dr. Chandler. Might have to divert my attentions that way for awhile.

In my rounds I've found that their Special Projects Division is loaded with profit potential. All sorts of black projects that aren't on the normal Administrative dockets. Being involved with the Psionic testing has gotten me close to those work labs. But I've still not seen any of the scientists, or prototypes, from those heavily guarded labs. I might have to talk to someone about getting transferred to that section for Administrative work. Might be able to get myself involved somehow and get a piece of that pie. We'll see.

Anyway. I've got to get better at detailing my stay here. I'll try for a 1 month 1 log entry timetable. That should work. Burke out.

Aidan. C. Burke