Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Doldrums

Entry Log #4
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Work has been pretty straightforward lately. Everyone's into a routine here on the station. There was a pretty hefty scare down in the cryo-tanks the other day. Looked like they were on the verge of an electrical catastrophe. Would've resulted in countless deaths in the popsicle tubes had they not corrected it. But, disaster averted, and they got it running smooth again. I can't even imagine something major like that going wrong while I'm in their during my cryo-tube suspension. But they say it's safter than flying!

Still no luck on getting any more information on those black projects Artemis is doing behind closed doors. I'm making a little headway. It seems Dr. Chandler who I've started seeing on and off knows someone on the inside. One of the scientists who has quite a bit of sway over all the projects they do. Now If I can just convince her to set up a meeting ...

Well ... as far as my latent Psionic abilities go ... not so much latent anymore. I had my first full fledged Psionic "Event" the other night. It seems I was having a nightmare of the foulest kind. I can't even remember it now ... but it seems my subconscious activated during my dream state's fight or flight and I fucking TELEPORTED out of my room and into the hallway. So much for getting a useful Psionic skill like telekinesis or firestarting. No .. I get the one that can accidentally, and at any time, transport my ass outside into space while I'm sleeping. The Doctors seem to think we need to get a handle on this as fast as possible. All I had to say to that was ... ya' think?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How the time flies ...

Entry Log #3
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Man. Didn't mean to let so much time go between logs. It's been 3 months since I've been on-station. But I've been EXTREMELY busy. Work assignments are brutal. Just running the normal day to day administrative duties of this place is borderline torture. Add in the double duty they sometimes require of you and days just start to blur by. All in all it's been a very positive experience.

My latent Psionic testing seems to be going well. At least that's what the scientists tell me. I can't tell a damn difference. But my brain scans and blood work are showing excellent progress they say. I'll take their word for it.

I've met a TON of hot women. Being one of the best looking guys on the station doesn't hurt let me tell you. Well ... in that respect anyway. In others it might very well hurt. Seems one of the woman I had, ahem, private relations with, was seeing a fellow down in security. Well ... seems they aren't seeing one another any more and looks to be he's blaming me. Better skip the security wing for a while. I've heard there is a pretty hot young thing over in Bio-weapons. A Dr. Chandler. Might have to divert my attentions that way for awhile.

In my rounds I've found that their Special Projects Division is loaded with profit potential. All sorts of black projects that aren't on the normal Administrative dockets. Being involved with the Psionic testing has gotten me close to those work labs. But I've still not seen any of the scientists, or prototypes, from those heavily guarded labs. I might have to talk to someone about getting transferred to that section for Administrative work. Might be able to get myself involved somehow and get a piece of that pie. We'll see.

Anyway. I've got to get better at detailing my stay here. I'll try for a 1 month 1 log entry timetable. That should work. Burke out.

Aidan. C. Burke

Monday, August 29, 2011

My New Home

Entry Log #2
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Well. I'm here. It took a few months of cryo-sleep getting to the gateway from Earth and then the gateway to Gamma Delta III. But I woke out of cryo in a new home. At least my new place of residence for the next 5 years. Interesting point ... we almost didn't make it. It looks like our ship had some raider attention once out of the system and headed towards the gate. Might be they were looking to make an easy ransom? Hostages? Who knows ... lucky for us they didn't know it was an Artemis Shuttle with an Artemis backed fighter escort. Scrap one more raider shuttle.

My first thoughts of the station are that it's god damn HUGE! Absolutely massive. Which is a good thing as 600 people on a rotating basis gets pretty cramped pretty quick I'd imagine. Haven't had any bad side effects from being in space yet. I've heard some horror stories. Space Dementia, Disorientation, Constant Vertigo, but I've had notta. It's my first trip into the black and I gotta say I'm feeling actually better than I did back on Earth. Feeling good.

Looks like they are trying to hit the ground running. Assignments, rooms, and specific duties are already being handed out prior to the station tour. Artemis Corporation really doesn't mess around. Not to mention .... for those of us who signed up for the Latent Psionic testing we are to report to the Special Projects Division ASAP for group assignments and dates to begin the testing. Nice. Just hope they are as fast on the re-imbursement process.

Well ... looks like it's grubb time. Let's see what kind of food this place has. Burke out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take me out ... to the black ... tell 'em I ain't coming back.

Entry Log #1
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Well. I did it. I landed one of those lucrative frontier contracts on the edge of space. Mom always said my looks would take me far. I bet she never would have imagined just how far. Looks like Artemis Corporation has a new Space Station orbiting an inhabited planet in a newly discoverd solar system on the edge of known space. One that they just so happen to own the rights too. Looks like they are searching for all sorts of people to help run it covering numerous job fields. I'm surprised with my lower test scores that I was even admitted into their very small Administrative work pool. But I'm guessing my little talk with the Human Resource Director had an impact. Otherwise I wouldn't be on the next flight out to the gateway. It'll be a short cryo-jump to the gateway and then to the station ... but once there I'll be on a five year contract worth a nice sum of credits. This is only the beginning. The sky, or in this case, the stars are the limit. It'll be kinda tough leaving everything behind ... but the lure of the cred is just too much for me to overlook. I've got to strike while the iron is hot ... and I still have that Burke charm.

There's even an opportunity for more credit earning opportunities once on-board the station. They are looking for some volunteers to undergo latent Psionic testing. Checking for Psionic talents and whatnot that people may not know they have. What the hell. I've never seen anything that would make me believe I had an ability beyond the physical like some of those other ... but if it garners me some more creds ... I'm already there.

Looks like our flight out of the system is getting ready to depart. I'll write again once I'm on-board the station.

Burke out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

632 years ....

Well, that one year cryo-sleep came and went. And went ... and went ... and went.

Long story short. My ass is now stranded 632 years into the future. Lucky to be alive ... and even luckier my god-damn head didn't explode during 'The Scream'. Whatever the hell THAT was. Oh ... sorry. I forgot some of you haven't been brought up to speed on our little excursion into Artemis controlled territory. Let me sum up.

5 year contract cycle in an Artemis Corporation space station in frontier space. Near a planet called Gamma Delta III. 2 years up, 1 down in cryo, 2 back up ... finito. Collect paycheck, bang a couple of hotties. Bing, bang, boom ... we're done! Right?

No sooooo fast.

Seems there was a little hiccup that caused our mother-fricken space station to mother-fricken crash land onto Gamma Delta III! That's right! Orbital Station meets terrestrial planet.

It ... was ... not ... pretty. Or, at least, had I been awake to see it I can only surmise that the resulting crash and destruction was anything less than total oblivion wrapped in hell and with good measure basted with a little bit of chaos and destruction.

In fact ... let me put that into perspective. Of the 6-8 saucer sections that were part of the station orbiting it's central axis ... only 1 managed to make it out in any relative good shape after the resulting crash. That was the one I was in. Now ... to REALLY put it into perspective ... of the 600 or so personal on board ... I think myself and the three others in my cryo section are the ONLY survivors.

To make matters worse ... the engineer of our group figured out exactly how long we were out of the picture.

632 years.

Damn. So much for getting back in touch with Dr. Chandler.

Midpoint of 5 year contract

Entry Log #24
Aidan C. Burke
Special Projects Director
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Well, the first two years went by fast. We hit the ground running as far as administrative priorities were concerned in the first year. Had to ... as nothing else was going to run well if we didn't have the framework down to do it effectively and efficiently. Plus it was in our contract. Artemis Corporation doesn't mess around and leave loose ends like how your going to do your job. They spelled it out for us and they expected us to be up and running ASAP. Which we were. The second year was even better.

Got myself promoted to Special Projects Director right at the beginning of that second year. Pretty excited about where that's going to lead. All sorts of potential for profit in that sector. Not to mention meeting Dr. Chandler in Bio-weapons. She is absolutely gorgeous. Dated her on and off towards the end of that second year. Might be something to look to getting back into once we're out of our 1 year Cryo-sleep.

Met a few good men during the last six months. Ended up being assigned the same med-bay Cryo-tube section with them. One's an Engineer, the other a pilot, and the last one is one of our security guys. All good guys. Looking forward to starting our second year rotation. Might possibly even start looking for a guy's night out with the others once we're back in rotation. Although ... I don't know how well they like the Administration types. I think I put them off a bit. We'll have to see about that.

Well ... looks like they're calling our names. The computers just kicked up our names for the next to go into cryo-suspension. This is Aidan C. Burke signing off for now.

Here's looking forward to 2651.