Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Doldrums

Entry Log #4
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Work has been pretty straightforward lately. Everyone's into a routine here on the station. There was a pretty hefty scare down in the cryo-tanks the other day. Looked like they were on the verge of an electrical catastrophe. Would've resulted in countless deaths in the popsicle tubes had they not corrected it. But, disaster averted, and they got it running smooth again. I can't even imagine something major like that going wrong while I'm in their during my cryo-tube suspension. But they say it's safter than flying!

Still no luck on getting any more information on those black projects Artemis is doing behind closed doors. I'm making a little headway. It seems Dr. Chandler who I've started seeing on and off knows someone on the inside. One of the scientists who has quite a bit of sway over all the projects they do. Now If I can just convince her to set up a meeting ...

Well ... as far as my latent Psionic abilities go ... not so much latent anymore. I had my first full fledged Psionic "Event" the other night. It seems I was having a nightmare of the foulest kind. I can't even remember it now ... but it seems my subconscious activated during my dream state's fight or flight and I fucking TELEPORTED out of my room and into the hallway. So much for getting a useful Psionic skill like telekinesis or firestarting. No .. I get the one that can accidentally, and at any time, transport my ass outside into space while I'm sleeping. The Doctors seem to think we need to get a handle on this as fast as possible. All I had to say to that was ... ya' think?

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