Monday, August 29, 2011

My New Home

Entry Log #2
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Well. I'm here. It took a few months of cryo-sleep getting to the gateway from Earth and then the gateway to Gamma Delta III. But I woke out of cryo in a new home. At least my new place of residence for the next 5 years. Interesting point ... we almost didn't make it. It looks like our ship had some raider attention once out of the system and headed towards the gate. Might be they were looking to make an easy ransom? Hostages? Who knows ... lucky for us they didn't know it was an Artemis Shuttle with an Artemis backed fighter escort. Scrap one more raider shuttle.

My first thoughts of the station are that it's god damn HUGE! Absolutely massive. Which is a good thing as 600 people on a rotating basis gets pretty cramped pretty quick I'd imagine. Haven't had any bad side effects from being in space yet. I've heard some horror stories. Space Dementia, Disorientation, Constant Vertigo, but I've had notta. It's my first trip into the black and I gotta say I'm feeling actually better than I did back on Earth. Feeling good.

Looks like they are trying to hit the ground running. Assignments, rooms, and specific duties are already being handed out prior to the station tour. Artemis Corporation really doesn't mess around. Not to mention .... for those of us who signed up for the Latent Psionic testing we are to report to the Special Projects Division ASAP for group assignments and dates to begin the testing. Nice. Just hope they are as fast on the re-imbursement process.

Well ... looks like it's grubb time. Let's see what kind of food this place has. Burke out.

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