Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take me out ... to the black ... tell 'em I ain't coming back.

Entry Log #1
Aidan C. Burke
Administrative Assistant
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Well. I did it. I landed one of those lucrative frontier contracts on the edge of space. Mom always said my looks would take me far. I bet she never would have imagined just how far. Looks like Artemis Corporation has a new Space Station orbiting an inhabited planet in a newly discoverd solar system on the edge of known space. One that they just so happen to own the rights too. Looks like they are searching for all sorts of people to help run it covering numerous job fields. I'm surprised with my lower test scores that I was even admitted into their very small Administrative work pool. But I'm guessing my little talk with the Human Resource Director had an impact. Otherwise I wouldn't be on the next flight out to the gateway. It'll be a short cryo-jump to the gateway and then to the station ... but once there I'll be on a five year contract worth a nice sum of credits. This is only the beginning. The sky, or in this case, the stars are the limit. It'll be kinda tough leaving everything behind ... but the lure of the cred is just too much for me to overlook. I've got to strike while the iron is hot ... and I still have that Burke charm.

There's even an opportunity for more credit earning opportunities once on-board the station. They are looking for some volunteers to undergo latent Psionic testing. Checking for Psionic talents and whatnot that people may not know they have. What the hell. I've never seen anything that would make me believe I had an ability beyond the physical like some of those other ... but if it garners me some more creds ... I'm already there.

Looks like our flight out of the system is getting ready to depart. I'll write again once I'm on-board the station.

Burke out.

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