Monday, August 22, 2011

Midpoint of 5 year contract

Entry Log #24
Aidan C. Burke
Special Projects Director
Artemis Orbital Station - Gamma Delta III

Well, the first two years went by fast. We hit the ground running as far as administrative priorities were concerned in the first year. Had to ... as nothing else was going to run well if we didn't have the framework down to do it effectively and efficiently. Plus it was in our contract. Artemis Corporation doesn't mess around and leave loose ends like how your going to do your job. They spelled it out for us and they expected us to be up and running ASAP. Which we were. The second year was even better.

Got myself promoted to Special Projects Director right at the beginning of that second year. Pretty excited about where that's going to lead. All sorts of potential for profit in that sector. Not to mention meeting Dr. Chandler in Bio-weapons. She is absolutely gorgeous. Dated her on and off towards the end of that second year. Might be something to look to getting back into once we're out of our 1 year Cryo-sleep.

Met a few good men during the last six months. Ended up being assigned the same med-bay Cryo-tube section with them. One's an Engineer, the other a pilot, and the last one is one of our security guys. All good guys. Looking forward to starting our second year rotation. Might possibly even start looking for a guy's night out with the others once we're back in rotation. Although ... I don't know how well they like the Administration types. I think I put them off a bit. We'll have to see about that.

Well ... looks like they're calling our names. The computers just kicked up our names for the next to go into cryo-suspension. This is Aidan C. Burke signing off for now.

Here's looking forward to 2651.

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