Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome to Project Artemis

Project Artemis is a Science Fiction RPG setting that I will be running using a slightly modified version of the point-buy rule for Mongoose's Traveller RPG.

This Blog will be used as a repository for information the player characters may be aware of or things that they may learn during game play.

Various artwork may be posted in this site, almost none of it will be mine, but is being used to capture a feel for the setting.   If you see your artwork on here and would like me to either put your name and website on a link, or remove it completely, simply ask me to do so, and I will happily comply.  I am not looking to steal anyone elses work, as I say, if it's on here, it's because I thought it would represent what my players see.

This will be updated sporadically, and may occasionally contain things that don't have to do with Project Artemis, although that type of stuff is usually found in my other blog: Battleaxes and Beasties

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